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Wood carving, wood sculptures and wood statues by WoodRoyal® Studio Thailand. WoodRoyal® is a sculpture studio and gallery of fine wood carving arts, wooden statues and bass-relief masterworks. High resolution images available on PicasaWeb. We offer unique combinations of human, animal, nature, girl and woman carvings for your home and office. See our new videos on YouTube please. Our carvers create one of a kind superior quality and rare sculpture masterworks in genuine Burmese teak. Custom commissioned designs available.
WoodRoyal® Studio is a sculpture workshop of wood carving arts, life-size statues and bass-relief masterworks. We offer unique combinations of human and animal carvings for your home and office. We create one of a kind superior quality and rare sculpture masterworks in genuine Burmese teak. Custom commissioned design available on request. Our Sculptures are created using a variety of materials from sandstone, wood, terra-cotta, clay, fiberglass, teak, monkey wood, gypsum and cement >> more..

WoodRoyal® Gallery is Thailand's largest collection of antique and Asian works of art presenting over 200 sculpture masterworks from Northern Thailand. In the past 2 years our 'sculpture by the sea' has gained a great interest by journalists, private collectors, dealers, home owners and the business customer from around the world >> more..




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Sculpture Arts: Ancient Greeks' depiction of ideal form of the body is expressed through sculpture such as this one. Sculpture is any three-dimensional form created as an artistic expression. The term sculpture also refers to the artistic discipline, act or art of making sculpture, by the manipulation of materials or, in contemporary art, by designating an object or even an act as sculpture. The artist who does this is called a sculptor. Sculpture is also the collective term for a collection or genre of sculptures. i.e. Greek Classical Sculpture, or Exhibition of Sculpture. The process of manipulating materials for sculpture is to sculpt. A sculpted object or material has been worked to resemble sculpture either by human hands or by nature. A figure or person can be sculpturesque meaning that it shares qualities with classical figurative sculpture or statue.
Visual arts: are a class of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, and others, that focus on the creation of artworks which are primarily visual in nature. The visual arts are distinguished from the performing arts, language arts, culinary arts, and other such classes of artwork. The definition is not strict, and many artistic disciplines involve aspects of the visual arts as well other types.
Art is not simply the ability to manipulate tools effectively, it is more the ability to observe and see the world around you, interpreting the shapes, hue and shades of what you have seen and translating those impressions and ideas into sculptural forms.

WoodRoyal® Gallery presents its famous sculpture collection of dragon, animal, horse, wildlife, angel, relief, bird, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Burmese gods. Our works of art are custom made pieces in wood, teak, stone, terra-cotta, fiberglass, sandstone, gypsum, cement and plaster. We also design and craft teakwood architectural items, figurative sculptures and large outdoor statues and carvings. For many years, WoodRoyal® has been highly treasured, displayed prominently, and has proven to be a powerful communicator continually delivering its message.

Certificate of Authenticity is provided with every sculpture. We guarantee that every item we make is an original Certificate of Authenticityand authentic product. It is genuine and the only one made by WoodRoyal® Studio. It has been newly built by skilled artisan. No two sculptures areWood Carving in Teak identical, thus making each one of a kind. Only authentic hand carving is performed, no routers or machine tools of any type are used. Our studio adds the benefits of modern management to the ancient traditions of Thai craftsmanship to bring you the best in quality and value >> more..

At WoodRoyal® you will witness the glory of fine carvings made out of wood over a century old. Our works of art are splendorous beyond imagination. You can admire them, bring them into your home or office, or keep for memory. Almost 100% of our wood Woman Sculpture in Sandstonecarvings are made of teakwood. Teak is used because it is just soft enough to carve and yet hard enough to resist natural erosion well. Moreover the wood is naturally resistant to wood mites, termites, and other insects >> more..

Sandstone and Terra-Cotta garden sculptures: Our works of art transform the atmosphere wherever they are placed. We create themLion Statue in Sandstone using traditional techniques and specially prepared clays. Our highly-skilled artists render their works with a precision which gives our pieces the air of authenticity. With the marks of antiquity created through special techniques, our replicas become indistinguishable from true antiques. The magic of the ancient world comes back to life in the skilled hands of our sculptors. Using their knowledge of Burmese, Chinese, Khmer, Indian, Indonesian, and Thai artistic styles, our sculptors create replicas which have the aura and power of ancient artifacts >> more..

Wood Carving is considered one of Thailand's finest traditional handicrafts that have been passed down from the Sukhothai period (1238-1438). The evidence of the long existing Sculpture Artswoodcarving arts can be found at Buddhist temples on their windows, doors and other wooden parts >> more..

WoodRoyal® is an art studio of sculpture for those who love the beauty of art. We're a leading sculpture creator in Thailand. WeWoodcarving of Pegasus in Teak create unique sculptures in terra-cotta, wood, teak, monkey-wood, sandstone and resin. We are the only custom sculpture studio in Thailand.

Unique woodcarvings for private collectors, corporations and museums. Specializing in monumental art work. Wood sculptures from over 250 artisans living in Thailand. From the traditional to the antique form of art for which they are justly world famous. A wide selection of museum quality wooden sculptures and statues including horses, wildlife, women, Indian gods, elephants, rhinos, goddess, Buddha, Pegasus, dragons, birds, fish, angels, mermaids, humans, warriors, animals and more >> more..

Sculpture Artist: our sculpture artists are specializing in wood carving, statues, fountains, abstracts, traditional and outdoor sculptures, as well as custom, commissioned sculpture. Contemporary figurative sculpture for the garden, executed in cast stone. Wall mural sculptures, portraiture, expressive sculpture, limited-edition reproductions of religious sculptures, gift items and collectibles.

Sculpture Methods and techniques: The sculptor as designer and as craftsman. Carving: Whatever material is used, the essential features of the direct method of carving are the same; the sculptor starts with a solid mass of material and reduces it systematically to the desired form. After he has blocked out the main masses and planes that define the outer limits of the forms, he works progressively over the whole sculpture, first carving the larger containing forms and planes and then the smaller ones until eventually the surface details are reached. Then he gives the surface whatever finish is required. Even with a preliminary model as a guide, the sculptor's concept constantly evolves and clarifies as the work proceeds; thus, as he adapts his design to the nature of the carving process and the material, his work develops as an organic whole.

Sculpture: art producing in three dimensions representations of natural or imagined forms. It includes sculpture in the round, which can be viewed from any direction, as well as incised relief , in which the lines are cut into a flat surface. Techniques and Materials: Sculpture embraces such varied techniques as modeling, carving, casting, and construction—techniques that materially condition the character of the work. Whereas modeling permits addition as well as subtraction of the material and is highly flexible, carving is strictly limited by the original block from which material must be subtracted. Carvers, therefore, have sometimes had recourse to construction in which separate pieces of the same or different material are mechanically joined together. Casting is a reproduction technique that duplicates the form of an original whether modeled, carved, or constructed, but it also makes possible certain effects that are impractical in the other techniques. Top-heavy works that would require external support in clay or stone can stand alone in the lighter-weight medium of hollow cast metal. The principal sculptural techniques have undergone little change throughout the ages. Hand modeling in wax, papier-mâché, or clay remains unaltered, although the firing of the clay from simple terra-cotta to elaborately glazed ceramics has varied greatly. Carving has for centuries made use of such varied materials as stone, wood, bone, and, more recently, plastics, and carvers have long employed many types of hammers, chisels, drills, gauges, and saws. For carrying out monumental works from small studies, various mechanical means have been developed for approximating the proportions of the original study. Bronze casting is also a technique of extreme antiquity. The Greeks and Chinese mastered the cire perdue (lost-wax) process, which was revived in the Renaissance and widely practiced until modern times. Little Greek sculpture in bronze has survived, apparently because the metal was later melted down for other purposes, but the material itself resists exposure better than stone and was preferred by the Greeks for their extensive art of public sculpture. Metal may also be cast in solid, hammered, carved, or incised forms. The mobile is a construction that moves and is intended to be seen in motion. Mobiles utilize a wide variety of materials and techniques. Contemporary practice emphasizes the beauty of materials and the expression of their nature in the work.

Ancient Sculpture: sculpture has been a means of human expression since prehistoric times. The ancient cultures of Egypt and Mesopotamia produced an enormous number of sculptural masterworks, frequently monolithic, that had ritual significance beyond aesthetic considerations. The sculptors of the ancient Americas developed superb, sophisticated techniques and styles to enhance their works, which were also symbolic in nature. In Asia sculpture has been a highly developed art form since antiquity. The freestanding and relief sculpture of the ancient Greeks developed from the rigidity of archaic forms. It became, during the classical and Hellenistic eras, the representation of the intellectual idealization of its principal subject, the human form. The concept was so magnificently realized by means of naturalistic handling as to become the inspiration for centuries of European art >> more..

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WoodRoyal® Sculptures are available in limited editions, most are one of a kind works of art.

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WoodRoyal® specializes in rare, unique and one of a kind sculpture, masterly crafted from sandstone and old teak. New sculptures are added constantly. These intimately scaled works depicting loving family relationships and life experience add depth and interest to your home. We offer Asian garden sculptures, wood carvings and terra-cotta statues created by finest artisans of Northern Thailand >> more..

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