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Asian Statues, Asian Carvings, Asian Sculptures, Asian Woodcarvings and Asian Arts by WoodRoyal(R) Studio Thailand

Unique home decor accessories: Asian statues, wood carvings, garden sculptures, decorations and lawn ornaments, decorative office accessories, country accents, Oriental sculptures, Burmese decor, Khmer sculptures and gift ideas.

Wooden Sculpture Legendary Thai Bird Dragon Wood Carving
Size: 20" X 24" X 7" Size: 25" X 29" X 12" Size: 32" X 35" X 13"
Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo
Detail View Detail View Detail View

Price: $905.00 USD

Price: $892.00 USD

Price: $2,430.00 USD

Mythical Asian Fish Dragon Wood Statue Asian Dragon in Teak
Size: 35" X 37" X 14" Size: 35" X 46" X 23" Size: 32" X 45" X 22"
Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo
Detail View Detail View Detail View

Price: $2,430.00 USD

Price: $2,980.00 USD

Price: $2,980.00 USD

Large Bird Statue Asian Legendary Statue Life Size Dragon
Size: 44" X 66" X 21" Size: 43" X 21" X 9" Size: 42" X 45" X 14"
Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo
Detail View Detail View Detail View

Price: $7,980.00 USD

Price: $1,990.00 USD

Price: $2,980.00 USD

Ancient Sculpture
Size: 64" X 31" X 12"
Close-Up Photo
Detail View

Price: $3,684.00 USD


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Welcome to WoodRoyal® Asian Statue Studio - your source for the best in Asian art and handicrafts. Our studio produce intricate wood sculptures, sandstone statues, terracotta and resin carvings and other works of art at an affordable price. We are sure our collection will leave you spellbound and panting for more.

Based in Thailand, WoodRoyal® specializes in Asian statue, wood carving masterworks and supply of a comprehensive range of outdoor and Oriental garden accessories. WoodRoyal® caters to the needs of interior designers, landscape gardeners, architects and both wholesale and retail garden suppliers looking for the unique and the individual.

Crafted by some of Asia's best traditional artisans, our products will add personality and charisma to your home, garden, pond, pool, terrace, path, pergola, gazebo, patio, arboreta, conservatories, courtyard and balconies. Products displayed on these pages are only a small example as we specialize also in sourcing and producing unique and unusual pieces of art to suit the specific taste of individual client.

WoodRoyal® Studio is based in Thailand. We combine over 20 years experience of working in Asia to create a dynamic new company catering to the needs of interior designers, architects, landscape designers and purveyors of garden accessories.

Over this time we have been planning, designing, building and furnishing Restaurants, Hotels and Villas. All these developments are with strong elements of interior and garden design, water gardens and landscaping. In addition we have exported antiques and objects d'art to our clients in Canada, Europe and the USA.

WoodRoyal® specializes in distinctive Asian decorations, decor accessories, lawn and garden accents, office decor, country kitchen decorations and affordable fine art sculptures. Shop for that perfect home decorator accent piece, or browse our wood sculptures, wildlife carvings and collector's items.

Recently we began sourcing and developing items which add flair to outdoor design, compiling a range of outdoor statues and accessories as unusual as they are exotic, many of which are represented on these pages. Occasionally items displayed on this website serve as examples of their genre, as they are unique and individual one-off items. We know that these will stimulate your imagination and inspire you to contact us to obtain other unique items of that ilk. Our strength lies in our ability to create and to source top quality items according to your specific brief and style.

We are well-placed to supply any home, office, garden accessories or furnishings which may not appear here, from the mundane to the outrageous, the classical to the modern. Simply contact us with your request.

Our products are of the highest quality and all goods are carefully checked and packed by our staff ready for shipment. Prices do not include shipping costs.

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WoodRoyal® Studio specializes in distinctive Far Eastern home decorations, Feng Shui garden decor, designer home accessories, affordable fine art sculptures and unique collectibles.

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In our Gallery of Asian statue, you will find sculptures representing popular religious figures like Kuan Yin, the Eight
Immortals, mythical birds, Asian dragons, Ho Tai as well as a full section dedicated to Buddha statues.
On a less religious theme, we offer various styles of Foo Dog Statues, Oriental men and women, and military inspired pieces like the kneeling archer and Samurai.
For the garden, you will love our selection of Asian themed water falls, fountains featuring subjects ranging from Buddha to Chinese Dragons. We also have dozens of lanterns and pagodas that will help accessorize any Asian inspired garden.
With its unique blend of teak and inspirational themes, Asian statue is a popular choice for decorating one’s home or garden. WoodRoyal® is proud to offer a large selection of Asian statues and other wood accessories for use in creating everything from a Japanese Garden to Chinese themed living room.
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