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WoodRoyal® Custom Sculpture Studio have provided custom theme sculpture to hundreds of clients. Our customer base continues to grow primarily by word of mouth from our many satisfied customers. From the beginning, the objective of our studio is to produce high quality gallery style sculpture at affordable pricing. We constantly strive to offer the highest level of personal service to our valued customers.

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Unfortunately, the steady decline of forested area during the last few decades has caused a concomitant drop in the number of skilled artisans. Chiang Mai still retains its reputation as Thailand's woodcarving center, but the venerable tradition is at risk.

We create and produce custom sculpture to the design and budget criteria of our clients. Whether it is a spiritual theme or a secular concept, we are committed to creating unique sculpture that will communicate the purpose and image of your company or organization. We have the ability to produce in most any medium and in quantities from one to thousands.

WoodRoyal® Custom Sculpture Studio will produce in most materials, at any scale and in any quantities. Our most common materials are wood, teak, stone, terra-cotta, fiberglass, resin, sandstone, bronze, monkey wood, gypsum, cement and plaster. Scale: Miniature to bigger than life. Quantity: One-of-a-kind to thousands. Let us know how we can work closely with you to develop an overall business plan consistent with your criteria and financial guidelines.

Our collection of sculpture reproductions provides decorators, architects and landscape designers with the means of adding elegance to mansions, business offices, hotels & gardens. The same sculpture collection also provides individuals with the means of enhancing their own homes, of living with art masterpieces, and of selecting gifts that endure.

WoodRoyal® is very pleased to make it possible to acquire beautiful art reproductions at affordable prices. In the past, unfortunately, it was only the wealthiest who could own these valuable pieces. Although sculptures are still associated with affluence, it is now possible through this collection of reproductions for those of modest means to also enjoy a piece of history. In addition, WoodRoyal® is able to commission custom sculptures of various designs and sizes.

Figurative public sculpture, which is central to the great classical tradition, fell out of favor in the 20th century when advocates of Modernist minimalism seized control of most of the public taste-making bodies in the U.S. With the benefit of hindsight, and as we've come to compare our public spaces with the great plazas of Europe, it's become clear that the loss of figurative sculpture in our monument-making has rendered our American public spaces far less humane and meaningful. Fortunately, there's growing awareness of this loss, and a consequent upsurge of interest in sculptors who can create figures in the classical and ancient tradition. Sandstone, terracotta and wood sculpture reproductions. Congratulations! Your search for high quality art reproductions of sculpture masterpieces has led you to the right place. WoodRoyal® has the largest collection of museum quality sculpture reproductions in Asia.

Your design ideas will be created to your criteria, or working together we will help you develop original design concepts. Our unique three-step design process ensures that most home/office-sized sculptures can be completed within 60 - 90 days. The completion time of life-sized sculptures are determined individually. While custom sculpture is commissioned for a wide variety of purposes, we have found that, for the most part, our commissioned sculptures are used as a special presentation to honor achievement, support, dedication and commitment to an important cause or event. Custom theme sculptures communicate the specific message of the client and serve as a constant reminder to the recipient of their importance to the cause.

Woodcarving it is not only the artistic value that our collection offers, but the carvings can reflect traditional fables, local beliefs, and spirit of northern Thai ways of life. Some examples of our exhibits are: images of Buddhist monks and Hindu gods, a table featuring a carving of a lush forest, and models of humans and elephants. Many pieces of our work represent characters from Thai literature such as angles, gods, priests and heroes.

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Who would want to invest in a sculpture of poor quality? WoodRoyal® objective has always been to provide museum quality wood, terra-cotta and bronze sculpture reproductions of masterpieces for homes, galleries and businesses.

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Traditionally, Thai sculpture artists living in the many wood-carving villages passed their skills down to younger generations of dedicated apprentices who created elaborate, multi-layered religious and secular decoration arts from the now-protected hardwood.

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