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WoodRoyal Garden Statue Studio is home to the largest selection of home and garden statues, indoor and outdoor statuary, water fountains, and other home décor items... We offer wide selection of garden statues made in sandstone, resin and fiberglass >> more..

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Size: 44" X 46" X 23" Size: 39" X 57" X 29" Size: 24" X 29" X 18"
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Price: $1,997.00 USD

Price: $2,499.0 USD

Price: $1,249.00 USD

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Size: 24" X 29" X 18" Size: 27" X 55" X 31" Size: 32" X 40" X 24"
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Price: $1,249.00 USD

Price: $2,499.00 USD

Price: $1,998.00 USD

Size: 32" X 40" X 24" Size: 31" X 46" X 22" Size: 33" X 53" X 27"
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Price: $1,998.00 USD

Price: $1,998.00 USD

Price: $2,498.00 USD

Size: 32" X 43" X 26" Size: 32" X 43" X 26" Size: 30" X 47" X 24"
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Price: $1,998.00 USD

Price: $1,998.00 USD

Price: $1,998.00 USD

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Designed Garden: Contractor-designed gardens. Predominantly, they are construction and maintenance companies. Many of them also offer a design service but very few of them employ staff with a design training. Successful garden design requires an understanding of what type of places to make, natural processes, art and design, horticulture and construction. Courses in garden design teach these subjects. One can study for a day, a week, a year or four years. Qualifications are available at many levels, ranging from a certificate to a Master of Arts >> more..

Owner-designed gardens. Many of the world's best gardens have been made by owner-designers. This is an undisputed fact. But to make good gardens, owners must either become designer or employ designers. Many great gardens result from co-operation between an enlightened patron and a skilled designer. It is a very good idea for patrons to gain a knowledge of garden history >> more..

Designer gardens. You can employ a designer, with a degree in garden design or landscape architecture, point to your garden and say 'How much for a garden?' But a better result will be achieved if you become involved with the design process. Should finance be a matter of concern to you, we recommend commissioning the work from a 'published designer' - a designer whose work has appeared in a design magazine. It is the same with paintings: if you buy something you like it will give you pleasure. But if you buy a painting which has been catalogued in a gallery exhibition it will command a price in the art market.

Employing garden designers. You can find the names of designers from magazines, from professional organizations, from the Yellow Pages. One can then request copies of the designers brochures, meet them and look at their portfolio of drawings and photographs. As part of the preliminary discussion you should say how much you wish to be involved with the design. Many designers will be willing to undertake the design and superintend the construction. On uneven sites it is wise to commission a levels survey before engaging a designer >> more..

Employing garden historians. If you live in a historic property, it is advisable to take advice from a garden historian or from a designer who also has a qualification in garden history. The historian should investigate estate records and prepare a report with management recommendations. As with your house, full consideration should be given to the existing structure before any changes are made. There are firms with specialist expertise in garden restoration >> more..

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Custom Sculptures :: we work in wood, gypsum, sandstone, terracotta, cement and in fiberglass. All you need to provide is a picture or a drawing and we take care of the rest >> more..
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WoodRoyal® is a sculpture studio for those who love the beauty of art. We're a leading sculpture creator in Far-East. We make sculptures in bronze, terra-cotta, wood, teak, monkey wood, sandstone and in resin. We are the only sculpture studio in Thailand. Our unique "works-of-art" can be found in public museums, royal palaces as well as in private collections. Today WoodRoyal® Studio offers its exclusive collection directly to you!

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