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Oriental Statue: we make wood statues, sandstone statues, Asian statues, terracotta statues, fiberglass statues, oriental statues, ancient statues and much more... Chinese Statues: Oriental Japanese Yard Statues and Statuary Chinese and Japanese Statues: Discover a wide choice of Chinese statues and Japanese statues including lovely reproductions of Japanese yard statues and Chinese wood statues and statuary such as our Foo dog statues, Buddha statues, distinctive Japanese statuary such as our Prince Takachi and other oriental statues for the indoors and outdoors.

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Buffalo Sculpture

Buffalo Woodcarving

African Rhino

Wall Carving

Carved Mirror Frame

Wooden Pedestal

Wood Pedestals

Pedestals / Monkey Wood


Woman Statues

Indian God

Sculpture Masterwork

Laughing Buddha

Hindu God

Monk Statue

Children at Play

Hindu God

Asian God

Wall Carving

Bass Relief

Wildlife Carving

Elephant Carving

Thai Woodcarving

Wall Sculpture

Wood Carving



Jangle Carving

Legendary Thai Bird

Angel Sculpture





Bird Girl

Long Neck




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WoodRoyal® is a statue studio for those who love the beauty of art. We're a leading wood statue creator in Far-East. We make statues in bronze, terra-cotta, wood, teak, monkey wood, sandstone and in resin. We are the only custom statue studio in Thailand. Our unique "works-of-art" can be found in public museums, royal palaces as well as in private collections. Today WoodRoyal® Studio offers its exclusive collection directly to you!

Surround yourself with our lovely selections of Chinese statues and ancient Japanese figurines and statues for the yard and home. We also feature the Foo dog statues in solid cast stone for the garden. For those seeking Chinese monk statues, consider our Hoi Toi statues based on a Chinese monk of ancient times. Add a flavor of the Orient with our range of Oriental statues and statuary.

Add the charm of the Orient with our range of Chinese statues and Japanese statues including Chinese monk statues, Japanese pagodas and figurines, Foo Dog statues, Chinese maidens, dragons and other distinctive Chinese statuary for the home and garden.

Orient: The term the Orient literally refers simply to the rising of the sun, being derived from the Latin word oriens. It is used to mean "the East". Similar terms are the French-derived "Levant" and "Anatolia" from the Greek anatole, two further locations for the direction in which the sun rises. "Orient" and "Oriental" have been used in English to refer to both Near and Far Eastern countries, including the Middle East, China, Japan, and India. For example, Mizrahi Jews are often referred to as Oriental Jews, while the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies focuses on Africa as well as the Middle East and East Asia. For discussion of history or current events, more specific words such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, or individual country names may be preferred.

Statue: A statue is a sculpture depicting a specific entity, usually a person, event, animal or object. Its primary concern is representational. However, as with all artistic topics, this definition of the concept Statue is far from exhaustive and can be/needs to be expanded. Many statues are built on commission to commemorate a historical event, such as the Battle of Iwo Jima, or the life of an influential person, such as Mahatma Gandhi. Many statues are intended as public art, exhibited outdoors or in public buildings for the edification of passers-by. An urban legend concerning a code for mounted statues, whereby the horse's hooves are supposed to indicate how the rider met his end, is not true. A small statue is defined as being a statuette.


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