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Antique sculptures carvings and statues. Wall carving, statue and sculpture in sandstone and terracotta. Antiques by WoodRoyal® Studio Thailand

Antique sculpture: we offer antique reproduction sculptures, carvings and statues. We make large antique statues and reproduction carvings in Asian style, Khmer, Hindu, Buddhist, Indian, Cambodian and Burmese in sandstone, wood, stone, teak, terracotta, fiberglass, resin, gypsum, cement, plaster and in clay >> more..



Thai Wall Carving Asian Sculpture Buddhist Statue
Size: 102" X 110" X 5" Size: 110" X 45" X 7" Size: 46" X 95" X 12"
Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo
Detail View Detail View Detail View

Price: $5,996.00 USD

Price: $3,998.00 USD

Price: $3,498.00 USD

Buddha Statue Oriental Sculpture Wall Carving
Size: 110" X 37" X 7" Size: 120" X 37" X 7" Size: 120" X 37" X 7"
Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo
Detail View Detail View Detail View

Price: $3,998.0 USD

Price: $3,998.00 USD

Price: $3,998.00 USD

Garden Sculpture Thai Bass Relief Wall Sculpture
Size: 20" X 36" X 8" Size: 110" X 37" X 7" Size: 110" X 37" X 12"
Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo Close-Up Photo
Detail View Detail View Detail View

Price: $499.00 USD

Price: $3,998.00 USD

Price: $3,998.00 USD

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Wall Carvings... every sculpture on this site has taken an artisan between 6 to 18 months to create. Each one is unique: one of a kind as well as the only one available >> more..

WoodRoyal® Antique Sculpture: we're a leading supplier and exporter of antique statues, sandstone sculptures, wooden carvings, stone sculptures, terracotta crafts, garden art works etc. We begun our journey in 2000, braving many difficulties like stiff market competition with a will to pervade the market and be the leader in our arena of trade. Superior quality, durability, variety and deign are the main traits of our array of products. We deliver ethical business principles to provide quality with utility to our esteemed customers >> more..

WoodRoyal® commitment towards excellence has given us the the inspiration to export our products worldwide. So far we have earned the accolades on the platforms of ingenuity of designs and quality from our clients >> more..

Quality for us is not a formality but a duty, which we always strive to perform for our valuable clients top attain maximum customer satisfaction. Our focus on quality is evident in our product range. The packaging of the valuable products are done with utmost care under the vigilance of efficient supervisors. We have every time met the orders in the stipulated time period >> more..

Collectors say that there are only two unique trades of the world - one is Diamond and the other is Handicrafts, the stone and wood crafts. Variety is the word by which we define our array of products. Our products are not merely objects of desire they represent life's endeavors, and when you take home these products you also take with you a part of one's cultural heritage and in a way appreciating our own existence. Our products include antique sculpture, large statue, Asian carving, Buddha statue, Chinese art, custom sculpture, garden items, large carvings, lawn sculptures and more.

The Art (style) pervades domestic and religious expression through many media. It has been perpetuated by families of artisans, the major centers of which were and still are Chiang Mai (13th-20th centuries AD), Chiang Saen (14th-18th centuries AD), Chai Prakarn and Fang (15th-18th centuries AD), Nan (14th-19th centuries AD), Haripunchai (14th-18th centuries AD), Phrae and Lampang (15th -18th centuries AD) and Phayao (15th-18th centuries AD). Thus, Chiang Mai is the only remaining center for Lanna Art production.

Short background to Lanna Art: Northern Thailand used to be remote from centres of powers such as Ayutthaya and Bangkok in the central plains region. City states were established, eventually forming a federation known as Lanna, with its distinctive style of culture. It has 4 periods: (1) Establishment of the Kingdom (1261-1355 AD), (2) Prosperity period (1355-1547 AD), (3) Burmese Colonial State (1558-1774 AD), (4) Thai Colonial State (1774-1939 AD).

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Custom Sculptures :: we work in wood, gypsum, sandstone, terracotta, cement and in fiberglass. All you need to provide is a picture or a drawing and we take care of the rest >> more..

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WoodRoyal® is a sculpture studio for those who love the beauty of art. We're a leading sculpture creator in Far-East. We make sculptures in bronze, terra-cotta, wood, teak, monkey wood, sandstone and in resin. We are the only custom sculpture studio in Thailand. Our unique "works-of-art" can be found in public museums, royal palaces as well as in private collections. Today WoodRoyal® Studio offers its exclusive collection directly to you!
Asian garden ornaments, we offer a comprehensive selection of garden accessories as statues, fountains, benches, wells,
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We have entered the market as the merchant exporters and suppliers of most vibrant and exquisitely deigned antique sandstone statues, terracotta sculptures, wood art-ware, handmade carvings, garden crafts, wooden sculptures and wall carvings >> more..
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