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Antique Statues: antique garden statues. Traditional garden statues of warriors, Buddhist and Hindu Gods have been used in Asian garden design for over 5,000 years and are still available from our garden studio located in Thailand >> more..

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Siam Garden Statue Thai Antique Warrior
Size: 37" X 49" X 30" Size: 25" X 46" X 28"
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Price: $2,499.00 USD

Price: $1,997.00 USD

The design quality of gardens. No country can surpass Italy for its renaissance gardens, France for its Baroque gardens England for its Romantic gardens or the Americas for their Abstract Modern gardens (though few are open to the public). Nor can anyone know where the best twenty-first century gardens will be made. Its up to you >> more..

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Antique garden statues landscape and garden product catalog. There is a long tradition of placing statues out of doors, often 'tasteful female statues'. In addition to the pleasure that people have always taken in looking at the beauty of the human form, there seems to have been a feeling that naturalistic statues harmonize with the beauty of nature. The following poses are characteristic: sculpture of young girls, glimpsed through the undergrowth as when Actaeon saw Diana and her handmaids washing, and was turned into a stag for his impudence, sculptures of warriors, kings and images from mythology, antique statues of bronzed and athletic young men, sculpture of young lovers, more often delighting in each other's company than engaged in overtly sexual activity, antique statues of tragic and lonely figures, beautiful but unappreciated, statues hearty earth mothers, rejoicing in their feminity or sculptural fountains with droplets of water simulating passion >> more..

Garden Design and Garden Designers. As a profession, an advantage which garden design enjoys, compared to landscape architecture, is that everyone knows what is involved: design skill and garden knowledge. The disadvantage from which garden design suffers is that too much work has been done by people with far more garden knowledge than design talent. As the name should always remind us, it is necessary to have both. There is also a tendency for garden design firms to have their roots in the construction business. The truth of the matter is that the making of a good garden requires a partnership between the client, the builder and the designer. If one person has all these abilities, fine. If they don't, help is necessary. For example, if you are the client and gardener, employ a design consultant. If you are the client and designer, employ a garden maker. And if you are the designer and builder, you must draw a client into the design process >> more..

If, as we recommend, you become involved with the design, the first stage should be a design meeting. Pay for the designer's time, as you would pay for any professional work, but explain in advance that you would like to have a preliminary concept drawing. This could be done during the meeting or the designer may want to make a charge for additional time in preparing the presentation drawing. Then decide what aspects of the work you can do yourself and what aspects you would like to have help with. The latter might be a compositional idea ('a design'), a planting plan, a construction plan, or help with a garden building. As the work proceeds, you can do some things yourself and take further garden design advice on aspects of the project >> more..

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Statues: The reproduction of antique garden statues is a luxury landscaping idea for the garden decorating or the interior design. Only pure terracotta and sandstone for our hand carved statues.

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Garden design and building services. There are many ways of creating a beautiful garden. No one is better than another: they suit different people >> more..

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Un-designed gardens. If you simply want a lawn, rose beds and a rockery, all you need do is look at a few neighbor's gardens
and do what they have done. Many un-designed gardens are loved and beautiful. Others are not >> more..
Cottage gardens. 'Cottage gardens' can also be un-designed in the sense of resulting from a set of careful decisions about
functions and a traditional delight in good craftsmanship.
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