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WoodRoyal® Garden Sculpture specializes in distinctive home decorations, decor accessories, lawn and garden accents and affordable fine art sculptures. Shop for that perfect home decorator accent piece, or browse our old Asian sculptures, ancient decorations and antique sculptures, wildlife figurines and collector's masterworks >> more..




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WoodRoyal® Garden Sculpture specializes in unique and unusual works of art for garden and outdoor on behalf of Thai talented artists. Browsing through our online gallery, you will find over 1,000 works of fine art, functional art and craft, all designed to live permanently out-of-doors. All of the work, from statues/sculptures, fountains/water features, pots, seating, murals and memorials, are suitable for private gardens, public parks and civic monuments; also art for hospitals, art for schools and for other outdoor locations, such as the finishing touch to a commercial project >> more..

WoodRoyal® is a gallery for individual artists making contemporary work specifically for outdoor spaces, whether private gardens or public places-sculpture to murals, seating to pots; in all media & on all scales, emerging talent to international reputations. We are happy sell both made pieces and also initiate client commissions.

Our stunning sculptures should provoke or pacify, enliven and inspire, with the ambition of making you happier for having it around! These days we are offered so much apparent choice, so why does it seem so hard to find something out-of-the ordinary? High Streets and Shopping Malls, even the smallest boutiques seem full of exactly the same things! From bronzes several feet high to ceramics of only several inches, art can be accessible in whatever form suits you - garden details to dramatic statements. Remove the stifling definitions of 'art', 'sculpture', and 'craft' and simply find what you like, something that inspires you, something with color and wit, something to make you smile, something to enjoy! Choose from materials such as sandstone, terra-cotta, bronze, stone and resins >> more..

Background: Garden sculptures. Throughout its history, the garden at Chatsworth has been a showcase for important sculptures. The 1st Duke of Devonshire commissioned many pieces for his formal garden in the late 17th century, the finest surviving example being the statue of Flora now on display in Flora's Temple. As well as adorning the exterior and the roof of the house itself, sculpture and carving were also an integral part of the design of terraces and stone buildings in the garden. Throughout the garden you will find sculptures, fragments and vases of every kind, from a Roman altar and lead statues of Samson and Pan, to water gods and sea horses. Many have undergone extensive conservation in the last decade >> more..

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Garden Sculpture, Statues, Fountains & Water Features >> more..

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If you can't find exactly what you want, or the piece you want is sold, simply contact us about a commission >> more..

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