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We create wooden statues of people, elephants, black rhino, giraffes, wildlife, animals, and birds. We offer antique statues, Asian statues, Buddha statues, Chinese statues, custom statues, garden statues, large statues, lawn statues, Oriental statues, outdoor statues, wall statues, yard statues and much more...

LANACRV115 LANACRV130 Coming Soon!
Size: 33" X 52" X 33" Size: 25" X 52" X 14"
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Price: $1,730.00 USD

Price: $2,884.00 USD


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Custom Sculptures :: we work in wood gypsum sandstone terracotta cement and in fiberglass. All you need to provide is a picture or a drawing and we take care of the rest...

WoodRoyal® Wooden Statue is a studio for those who love the beauty of art. We're a leading wood statue creator in Far-East. We make statues in bronze, terra-cotta, wood, teak, monkey wood, sandstone and in resin. We are the only statue studio in Thailand. Our unique "works-of-art" can be found in public museums, royal palaces as well as in private collections. Today WoodRoyal® Studio offers its exclusive collection directly to you!

Sculptures...every item on this site has taken an artisan between 6 to 18 months to create. Each one is unique: one of a kind as well as the only one available.

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Custom Projects... we make carvings to customer's designs. All you need to provide is a picture or a drawing and we take care of the rest...

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